Rachael Ray Show: Camping with Richard Blais

Lions and tigers and… chefs? Rachael Ray sent Top Chef winner Richard Blais into the wild to surprise campers and cook them dinner using what was in their cooler.

Rachael Ray Camping with Richard Blais

Blais was a great improviser at each campsite. For the first family he made tin-foil-wrapped street corn. For the second family he made a plastic bag omelet. And for the third family he made steak and onions. It was fun to work outside (we had to travel light) with such a talented team and to capture the reactions of the unknowing families. And everything he made smelled delicious!

Watch the full segment here!

Little Things: Truth Bomb Mom

Little Things publishes engaging, meaningful content for women across generations. Positivity is at their core.

Little Things Truth Bomb Mom

In these clips, the "Truth Bomb Mom" is back and we were there to shoot three segments for her vlog on Little Things. We filmed as she talked about setting your kids up for success for “Toddler Tantrums.” We shot as she talked about her experience with single motherhood for “Why Single Parents Shouldn’t Settle.” And we captured footage as she talked with her kids’ doctor for “A Pediatrician’s Perspective.Kristina Kuzmic was funny and informative for each segment.

Little Things Truth Bomb Mom

Innovation Nation: Seabreacher

Ever wonder what it would be like to jet ski underwater? We teamed up with Go To Team to find out on a new episode of Henry Ford's Innovation Nation

Innovation Nation Seabreacher

The focus was on New Zealander Rob Innes and his Innespace Seabreacher. The Seabreacher is a two-person semi-submersible personal watercraft. Custom built for each purchase, Innes creates these crafts to be shaped like whales, sharks, dolphins and much more. Traveling above water and below it creates a unique experience and adventure. Riding alongside in a boat we were able to capture the amazing capabilities of these incredibly designed watercrafts.

Check out the full episode of Innovation Nation here

Fox Sports: MUA

Take me out to the ball game. Take me out with the crowd. Make sure my makeup looks flawless. I don’t care that I didn’t wake up like this. Let me root, root, root for my concealer. If I can’t find it it’s a shame. For it’s one, two, three strokes of the brush at the old ball game.

Fox Sports Commentators

It was Cubs v. Yankees at Wrigley Field for Fox Sports. Our All Star got the team of Fox Commentators, Joe Buck and John Smoltz, ready for the first pitch. We had 15 minutes to hit a home run! We can handle curve balls. We hit an "eye" line drive for a home run. Thanks for keeping us on our toes Fox Sports! Always fun and fast-paced.

Daily Planet: Spira Vehicles

Did you know that 50 million people are injured and 1.2 million are killed annually by vehicles? Spira vehicles were built to provide a safer car. Daily Planet wanted to highlight this safe and green vehicle and we were there.

Daily Planet spira vehicle

The Spira vehicle is wrapped in over six inches of soft foam, is small, lightweight and can float! It’s interesting how fast they can go considering how small they are and that they only have three wheels. The shoot was in sunny San Diego, which meant perfect weather for this outdoor shoot. Glad to be working with an innovative company making transportation safer for passengers and pedestrians alike. Thank you Daily Planet for letting us tell this story.

Daily Planet spira vehicle

Deloitte: Strategic Risk Services

Downtown San Francisco is the land of tech and business. We worked with Go To Team on this shoot to shoot an interview for Deloitte, which is considered one of the “Big Four” in accounting firms and the largest professional services network in the world.

Mike Kearney at Deloitte

Mike Kearney at Deloitte

We interviewed Mike Kearney, a Deloitte Advisory Partner who manages the Strategic Risk Services Practice. They are all business at this top firm, so luckily they had the right crew taking on the project, providing the most professional and efficient set possible.