Hidden Heroes: Brookfield Zoo

Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Oh My!

Hidden Heroes worked with the Chicago Zoological Society’s King Conversation Scholars Program at the Brookfield Zoo to discover how students can learn about conservation, environmental science and zoology. 

"You’re Lion!” Our crew was also able to capture a lion roaring on camera, which some park employees had never witnessed before. 

In the spotlight was Luis Mendez, the programs mentor who guides students to learn about animals, network with others and make a difference in their communities while preparing for college and the future. 

Hidden Heroes highlighted Luis directly working with two students with learning disabilities who have both been able to overcome their disabilities and become well rounded members of society.

Watch the full episode here!  

Dane Garvin: Medical Journal

How do you film video content in two different continents for the same project at the same exact time? Use Assignment Desk. 

Dane Garvin Medical Journal

Dane Garvin Ltd, an educational resource company, needed content for a medical journal from different people, one in Chicago and one in London. They had us crew each city locally to get the job done. We crew all over the world. So this wasn't a problem. With those cities being six hours apart and on different continents, they needed everything synced perfectly for the video. We were able to "patch in" on both sides of the globe and record footage for the prominent international medical journal end client. Dane Garvin's always great to work with and this was a fun challenge! 

Fox Sports: U.S. Senior Open

What is a makeup artist’s biggest challenge? Blemishes? Timeliness? On this shoot it was the wind! Our MUA was in charge of keeping Fox Sports reporter, Holly Sonders, looking #flawless on camera. Holly made it easy and we worked with the elements.

Holly Sonders

Holly Sonders

What's in the Bag? 

What's in the Bag? 

Fox Sports was covering the U.S. Senior Open in Peabody, MA. The event was all about golfers over the age of 50. For example, 67-year-old Tom Watson holds eight individual titles, making him the most decorated golfer of all time. We were happy to be in the presence of all the great talent!

U.S. Senior Open

U.S. Senior Open

CNBC: Small Biz, Big Concerns

CNBC’s Contessa Brewer sat down with small business owners in Louisville, KY to discuss how the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will affect them.

CNBC Small Biz Big Concerns

Nicole Stipp and Kaitlyn Soligan founded Matson + Gilman under Obamacare. The small business gives concierge tours of the Bourbon Trail. They said, “If we can’t provide healthcare for future employees, we can’t hire future employees.” The uncertainty of insurance coverage has definitely clouded their plans for growth.

We crewed an audio operator to capture the full story. Watch it here.

Deloitte: NYC's 30 Rock

Today was a great day for a corporate shoot with Deloitte in the beautiful 30 Rockefeller Plaza. It's a staple in New York City and unmistakable, for good reason.

The View from 30 Rock in NYC

Our crew, Tom Lino, and Andre Szyszkowski met in the lobby and as we were checking in, Condoleezza Rice walked by us! Anything can happen when you go to work at 30 Rock! We loaded up and headed up to the 50th floor for an amazing view of the city! We wanted to incorporate New York City into the interview. By placing the interviewer and the camera in just the right spot we were able to achieve the vast beauty of the city without it become distracting. When you are up 50 stories, New York seems so vast and majestic! It's quite the sight. After capturing the footage and completing a couple interviews we packed up and said goodbye to 30 Rock! What a day, I wish every day had a view like this!

Rachael Ray Show: Camping with Richard Blais

Lions and tigers and… chefs? Rachael Ray sent Top Chef winner Richard Blais into the wild to surprise campers and cook them dinner using what was in their cooler.

Rachael Ray Camping with Richard Blais

Blais was a great improviser at each campsite. For the first family he made tin-foil-wrapped street corn. For the second family he made a plastic bag omelet. And for the third family he made steak and onions. It was fun to work outside (we had to travel light) with such a talented team and to capture the reactions of the unknowing families. And everything he made smelled delicious!

Watch the full segment here!