Sports Illustrated: Shaquem Griffin

“If you tell me I can’t do something, I’m going to figure it out.” - Shaquem Griffin

Shaquem Griffin Overcomes Obstacles

Shaquem Griffin’s mother was faced with a difficult choice while she was pregnant. She was carrying twins and one of them developed amniotic band syndrome, where a band was wrapped around his hand and stopped developing. If the doctors went in and made one wrong move, it could kill one of the babies. She was not willing to take that chance. So Shaquill and Shaquem were born, but Shaquem was born without his left hand. Fast forward 22 years and he is now a top prospect in this year’s NFL draft. What are the chances? Sports Illustrated finds out.

Sports Illustrated: Shaquem Griffin

Shaquem Griffin - From UCF to NFL

It was no accident that Shaquem became the player he is today. He grew up, never letting his disability slow him down. He says, “You’re only disabled if you say you are.” He was told he’d never be able to play sports, but that just made him want to play even more! He played in high school, and through lots of trials and tribulations, him and his brother were picked to play at the University of Central Florida. His brother would not go without him. When he finally got some playing time, he really proved what he could do. “No one has more one hand catches than me.” That’s the kind of attitude he has. Funny, strong and resilient.

Sports Illustrated: Shaquem Griffin

Sports Illustrated Highlighting Athletes

Who else has Sports Illustrated been highlighting lately? NBA player Jabari Parker of the Milwaukee Bucks. We found out how he’s doing since tearing his ACL. Golfer Russell Knox. We replayed one of his famous putts for Former New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe. We found out what he’s been up to since retirement.

We can’t wait to see what Shaquem will do in the NFL. Thanks so much Sports Illustrated for telling stories like these.

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Sports Illustrated: PGA Champion Justin Thomas

Most 24-year-old's goals include landing their first real job, meeting a special someone, and moving into their first home. 24-year-old Justin Thomas, however, set goals for himself like win a tour championship, win a major, and land an under 70 scoring average. Casual. 

Sports Illustrated: PGA Champion Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas Inspired by Tiger Woods

Sports Illustrated had us crew an audio operator with gear to Westbury, NY to capture Thomas’ interview for Thomas talked about his success this past year and how meeting one of his childhood idols, Tiger Woods, was an inspiration to him. Although Tiger has a few more championships under his belt, we have no doubt Thomas is right behind him. Thomas marveled at the golf community’s support after his PGA Championship W when a lot of golf greats reached out to give him their congratulations. He admitted that it can be mentally draining, but winning gives him the rush and fuel to want to do it again.

A Dangerous Game

While on the green, the audio operator had to dodge a few stray golf balls. For a non-contact sport, it still seems pretty dangerous to us, ha. Not everyone can be a golf champion at 24 though. It kept us on our toes and we had so much fun working with Sports Illustrated. Congratulations Justin Thomas! We can’t wait to see what you cross off your goals list for this year.

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Daily Planet: Fire and Ice Racing

We teamed up with Go To Team and New York video camera crew, Reid Petro, for an adventurous shoot with Daily Planet in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Fire and Ice Tour

Picture motorcycles, dirt bikes and quads racing around on a hockey rink. Add to that picture a stuntman on fire and also jumping through a ring of fire. Crazy right?! Well, that’s exactly what the Fire and Ice Tour does almost every week. Discovery Channel Canada’s show “Daily Planet” was all over it. We filmed the event and followed their lead stuntman and CEO, Ken Remer, around for the day. It was thrilling - and not just because we could accidentally catch on fire at any moment.

Daily Planet: Fire and Ice Racing

Video Camera Crew Hits the Ice to Film Fire

Our video camera crew arrived at the arena to capture the setup process and pre-production craziness that it takes to put on a massive show like this one. We followed the pyrotechnical team through their tests and preparations. We even got to see the flame bars before everyone else. Then came the stuntman’s tests. It required the presence of a fire marshall. Remer lit himself on fire for over 30 seconds! After he cooled off, we sat him down for an interview to chat about his adventurous life and this amazing tour.

World Championship Ice Racing Series

The Fire and Ice Tour is conducted by the World Championship Ice Racing Series. They bring racing to a place it’s never been before - indoors and on the ice. They have the toughest, fastest and most extreme flat track motorcycles and ATV racers in the world. Not to mention their tough, fast and extreme stuntmen! You know they’re extreme because they’re willing to light themselves on fire. It truly create the greatest spectacle on ice.

Daily Planet: Fire and Ice Racing

Discovery Channel Canada’s “Daily Planet”

Once all of the tests were performed, the interview was shot, and the doors to the arena were open, it was show time. GoPros were used so we could “ride along” with the stuntmen for an immersive experience. The show and stunts went smoothly. (Fire marshall had an easy day, thankfully.) The crowds went crazy the whole time. It was a day full of excitement and adrenaline. It was one of those days where it’s hard to believe you’re at work. Thank you for an unforgettable shoot Discovery Canada!

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Studio Center: Paris, France

France: Leaders in the Automotive Industry

These days we can use our cars for almost anything. Thanks to wifi capabilities, access to Bluetooth, and streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify, the latest models can double as a mobile office or simply a comfortable and cool place to hang out.

Perhaps no one knows this better than French automobile manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroën (Groupe PSA), a European and world leader in the automotive industry that’s famous for brands like Peugeot, Citroën, and the luxury DS line. Recently, our video crews at Assignment Desk teamed up with our client Studio Center in Paris to shoot a pitch video to showcase how these brands are working together to use technology and to continue to improve the customer experience.

Studio Center: Paris, France

Le Car to UFOs?

The French automotive industry has come a long way since the classic “Le Car” from the 1970s, but even then it was cutting edge—the front lights turned with the wheels! These days, French car makers are using their innovative edge to appeal to the customers’ desires for convenience and luxury, while remaining culturally and environmentally conscious: building cars that look like spaceships inside (and will, perhaps, one day operate like a spaceship,) moving towards electric cars, and providing more rideshare opportunities for those who don’t own cars or live in high traffic areas.

A Goddess

French car styling has always pointed us towards the future, making us believe that we can truly one day live like the futuristic family the Jetsons. It’s easy to imagine self-driving cars when drones are already making deliveries!

The DS—pronounced in French as déesse, the word for goddess—is a luxury car line that’s been turning heads since it was first revealed in 1955. The futuristic styling, which includes pivoting headlights, hydraulic suspension, and single-spoke steering wheel has proved timeless as well as lucrative. Some say it literally looks like a UFO.

Studio Center: Paris, France

Gas and Diesel: On the way out?

The French have always been some of the most forward-thinking in the auto world.

And with that innovation requires being environmentally conscious. Recently the French government announced that it's taking steps towards banning the sale of new gas-and-diesel-powered cars by 2040. France's environmental minister Nicolas Hulot says it’s a matter of public health, and he believes that French automakers like Peugeot-Citroen and Renault are capable of making the transition to electric vehicles exclusively.

Mobility will keep the car industry profitable and relevant

Even though we love our cars, recent studies show that the average car is only on the road about five percent of the time. With services like Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare programs on the rise, the buzzword known as mobility is becoming more and more important.

Paris-based Peugeot, one of the biggest car-makers in the world, is making plans to return to America after a 27-year absence, and they will do it by first investing in mobility. Groupe PSA aims to become the preferred worldwide mobility service provider by 2030.

Studio Center: Paris, France

Working with the best.

Our video production crews at Assignment Desk are honored to take part in projects with clients like Studio Center that highlight the world’s cutting edge leaders in business, economy, and technology.

CNBC: David Beckham’s MLS Miami Team

Soccer is growing in America and David Beckham is here for it. CNBC chatted with him right after he announced his ownership of the Miami expansion team.

CNBC: David Beckham's MLS Miami Team

MLS Team in Miami

MLS is headed to the Magic City. We crewed a two-man-crew in Miami for the announcement of the Major League Soccer expansion team led by David Beckham. Miami is more than ready for a soccer team, and Beckham and his partners (Simon Fuller, Marcelo Claure, Masayoshi Son, and Jorge and Jose Mas) are happy to bring it to them. They spoke to CNBC’s “Power Lunch” correspondents about the future of soccer in America and beyond. They believe themselves to be more than MLS - they are already thinking globally. The team is hoping to begin playing by 2020.

David Beckham

David Beckham has long been a global ambassador for soccer. He is easily the most recognizable name for the sport. He started his career at age 17 playing for Manchester United. He also played for Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, the England national team, and the LA Galaxy. He is the first English player to win league titles in four countries. He was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2008. He retired in 2013. The MLS has remained in his heart since retirement. He was happy to help grow the league as a player and is now ready to grow the league as an owner.

Future of Soccer in America

The future of soccer in America is bright. MLS has been expanding and plans to grow from 20 to 24 teams by 2020. The Los Angeles FC, Minnesota United FC, Atlanta United FC are some of the newest teams in the league. Now add Miami to the list. Some of the biggest players in soccer could spend their final years in the city. Neymar Jr. who plays forward for Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team has already said he will play for them. And Lionel Messi who plays forward for Barcelona and the Argentina national team has dabbled with the idea, too. Team name still pending.

CNBC: David Beckham's MLS Miami Team

Beckham has seen it all in regards to soccer, so for him to choose America and Miami is pretty special. We were happy to be there with him and CNBC.

Watch the full interview HERE.

E! News: Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton shares her success secrets with E! News in Nashville

It’s simple: Dolly Parton doesn’t sleep! We learned the singer-songwriter’s key secret to success while field producing a video shoot in Nashville for E! News. Parton says she doesn’t require a lot of shut-eye; on a typical night she sleeps for about three hours and takes a short nap during the day when she can.

“I’m up more hours than most.” Parton says. “I’m not one to waste time, so I just make the most of every minute.”

E! News: Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s entertainment career stretches well beyond Nashville and the country music scene.  

Dolly Parton is a living legend and a beloved cultural icon who’s won America’s heart for generations. Parton is constantly being recognized for the incredible achievements in her career and is among an elite group to be nominated for all four major entertainment awards: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.

Rags to Riches

Born in the Great Smoky Mountains in 1946, Dolly Parton spent her early days singing barefoot on the front porch of her Tennessee childhood home. Today, she’s best known for country music hits like Jolene, Here You Come Again, and I Will Always Love You, as well as her starring roles in movies like 9 to 5 (and the hit song by the same name), The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and Steel Magnolias.

In 1986, Dolly Parton experienced a dream come true when she opened the Dollywood theme park, which remains Tennessee’s number one attraction.

E! News: Dolly Parton

Setting World Records

Now in her 70s, Dolly Parton is stilling recording, touring, and winning awards. Just recently, Guinness World Records visited Parton in Nashville to congratulate her for being the singer-songwriter with the most decades with a Top 20 Hit on Billboard’s Top Country Songs Chart and Most Hits on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart by a Female Artist.

Parton tells E! News, “I have a good life. I balance it out pretty good. I look at the things I’ve done, and I can’t believe I’ve done it. When did I do all of that? When did I have time?”

But she’s already answered that. She’s awake when the rest of us are asleep.

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